Sue Gould-Wright

The Complete Coach ~  Mind, Body, Soul

Rider Confidence Course (How to Find Your Brave Pants!)

This unique course covers a huge range of subjects: the psychology of why we get anxious, how bits of your brain are hard-wired to make you wobble, physical techniques to overcome nerves, Mindfulness training to really help you get to grips when the 'what ifs' try to take over and a whole lot more.
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Equestrian Pilates Top 10 'do anywhere' exercises

Sue Gould-Wright, author of 'Equestrian Pilates - Schooling for the Rider' shares her top ten favourite Pilates exercises and stretches; all based on the yard so no need for mats or equipment
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A Guided Meditation To Calm The Mind

This 10 minute guided meditation will help you chill out and calm your busy brain. Great for relaxation or just clearing your mind ready to take on the day
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