How to Get Your Shit Together by Sue Gould-Wright

How to Get Your Shit Together

This easy to follow guide helps you suss out where you are now, where you want to be and gives you a load of tools and techniques to help you along the way

What's included? An A4 PDF book with 60+ pages of tools, techniques and guidance to help you figure out where you are now, where you want to be, how to get organised, achieve your goals, be happier, live a fuller more rewarding life and generally just get your shit together!

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The fact that you are reading this sentence means you haven’t been put off by the title of this book – phew!  It really was the most apt title; hopefully it conveys the fact that most of us, at some point in our lives, will feel our life needs a bit of a shake up, that it in its current format it isn’t working for us as an individual. We fall into a way of living that is buffered and bumped into being by circumstances and other people. How do you know you need to get your shit together? Do any of the following sound familiar?
  • Feeling a bit ‘lost’.
  • A general sense of being flustered and unsettled.
  • Grouchy with yourself, other people, inanimate objects!
  • Your brain feels full of fluff and glue.
  • Your thoughts, plans and dreams are pinging around your head like a multitude of balls in a washing machine.
  • A deep feeling things aren’t right but not knowing how to sort them or where to start.
I want you to know we can get our shit together without it seeming like we have a mountain to climb; it can be a rewarding, and dare I say it, fun thing to do. 
At various key moments in my life I have had to sit myself down and mentally regroup, take stock of where I am and explore what I need to do to move forwards; in other words, get my shit together. I have mini-meetings with myself on a regular basis to keep me on track or I work with my mentors and brain-training coaches – we can all benefit from an impartial person to help us along in this world.
The aim of this book is to share with you a myriad of brain-training tools and techniques which I use for myself and with my coaching clients to help recognise when you need to stop and take stock of life. More importantly though I will teach you how to become mentally stronger and more resilient so that when change is needed you don’t feel overwhelmed by it; I want you to look change straight in the eye and say ‘Bring it on!’